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The following is a selection of articles I wrote for New Dawn magazine, most of which were published in 2008. Click on the title of the article to open it as a PDF document.


"Haunted by Hungry Ghosts: The Joe Fisher Story"

(New Dawn, Special Issue No. 5, Winter, 2008)


"Aliens, Predictions & the Secret School: Decoding the Work of Whitley Strieber"

(New Dawn, Special Issue No. 4, Spring, 2008)


"Credo Mutwa and the Alien Agenda: UFO's and Alien Abduction in the Eyes of a Zulu Shaman"

(New Dawn, Issue No. 111, November-December, 2008)


"The Changing Face of Russian Psi Research"

(New Dawn, Issue No. 104, September-October, 2007)


Issues of the magazine in which the articles are featured can be purchased from the New Dawn website