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I was born in the town of Laura, South Australia, but now live in the suburbs of Melbourne. I'm a researcher and writer on all things strange and paranormal, from UFOs to poltergeists to conspiracy theories. In recent years, most of my writing and research has focused on the SP phenomenon.


My work has been published in Fate, New Dawn, and Mysteries. I've also written a book about SP, titled Dark Intrusions: An Investigation Into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences, to be published by Anomalist Books in the US and the UK in late October this year.


In addition to numerous articles, I've written an unpublished screenplay concerning the subject of alien abduction, titled The Change, some rather unimpressive short stories (also unpublished), and some terrible poetry. I obtained, in 2006, a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT University. I'm currently completing a Diploma in Engineering (Advanced Trade) at RMIT University.


Over the years I've worked as a vineyard laborer, a builders' assistant, a mail clerk, and as a customer service assistant in an electronics store. My interests include RC models, film, Western occultism, and anything to do with the mysterious and unexplained.